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The Charlotte Observer
October 24, 1976
By Richard Sink


When the World Football League folded a year ago last Wed., 46 players, six coaches and a variety of other employees of the Charlotte Hornets lost their jobs. Here's a look at what theses people are doing now or where they were heard from last.


Dave Benson, linebacker: with British Columbia of Canadian Football League.

Jere Brown, linebacker: cut by New York Jets early in training camp, substitute teaching, selling insurance in Lancaster, Pa.

Darrel Bunge, offensive tackle-guard: in Hamline University law school in Minnesota.

John Bushong, defensive end: on Dallas's injured reserve list after hurting leg in preseason.

Larry Butler, offensive guard: cut by Green Bay late in camp; now with Hamilton of CFL.

Dana Carpenter, linebacker: cut by Toronto of CFL after hurting ankle; substitute teaching in Elmira, N.Y.

Tom Chandler, linebacker: with Toronto of CFL. ("If you're an American up here, you have to perform at a very high level all the time," he says. "They're always moving people in and out. They resolve problems by cutting people - they think new faces help things out. It's different kind of business. It's not a family situation like in Charlotte.")

Randy Cobb, wide receiver: temporary job as assistant coach at Oberlin College in Ohio. ("I want to play, so bad next year it's unbelievable," he says. "It's worse than when I joined the Hornets. The year off makes me feel cheated. I want to prove I can play.")

Carl Collins, offensive tackle: working for Innovative, an alcoholic rehabilitation program, in Charlotte. ("I had an offer to try out for the Redskins, but I really couldn't accept it because I have a family to take care of," he says.)

John Culpepper, offensive guard: cut by Washington in camp and by Toronto of CFL; looking for job in California.

David Douglas, defensive tackle: cut recently by Hamilton of CFL and by New York Giants.

Brian Dowling, quarterback: cut by Toronto of CFL; interested in sports announcing.

Greg Dubinetz, offensive guard: cut by New England in camp and by Toronto of CFL after one game.

Jerry Ellison, defensive end: working in California.

Jerome Gantt, offensive tackle: working in personnel agency in Detroit.

Tim George, wide receiver: left New York Jets camp to return to school.

Sonny Hicks, cornerback: cut by Detroit late in camp, teaching school in Memphis.

Don Highsmith, running back: cut by Washington early in camp.

Terry Hoeppner, safety: football coach and athletic director at Mullins (S.C.) High School.

Marty Huff, linebacker: cut by Washington after first exhibition game; waiting for another NFL tryout next year.

Gleen Hyde, offensive tackle: cut by New England; joined Denver Sept. 29 as backup tackle and specialty performer.

Lewis Jolley, fullback: working for Worthington Steel; moved from Forest City to Greensboro.

Kreg Kapitan, wide receiver: bartending, playing on a touch-football team and officiating football and basketball in Minneapolis. ("It's the first fall I've had to chance to relax," he says.)

Chris Kupec, quarterback: cut by Calgary of CFL; color announcer on North Carolina football network.

Gren Lens, defensive tackle: game warden in Texas.

Dave Margavage, offensive guard: working for General Electric Credit Corp. in Louisville.

Molly McGee, running back: cut recently by Ottawa although No. 1 kickoff returner, No. 7 rusher and No. 19 pass receiver in Eastern Conference of CFL.

Lee McGriff, wide receiver: with Tampa Bay until last Wednesday, when placed on waivers.

Ray Parson, tight end: selling sporting goods in Minneapolis.

Pete Rajecki, kicker: cut by Tampa Bay late in camp.

Robby Reynolds, punter: cut by Washington; owns consulting firm for independent businesses in Charlotte.

Randy Rhino, safety: starting for Montreal; No. 8 in CFL's Eastern Conference in kickoff returns and No. 12 in punt returns. ("Right now I make as much money here as I could in the NFL and I'm not looking to the NFL," he says. "The CFL is a better league for me - it gives guys my size a change.")

Larry Shears, cornerback: cut by Washington; working in Atlanta.

Tom Sherman, quarterback: cut bye Calgary although No. 7 passer in Western Conference of CFL; now retired and looking for coaching job around Pittsburgh.

Marty Smith, defensive tackle: starting for Buffalo.

John Sykes, running back: teaching in Baltimore.

Ike Thomas, safety: cut by Buffalo.

James Thompson, wide receiver: on Washington's injured reserve list.

Charlie Tiblom, center: working with drug-selling firm in Detroit.

Denis Turner, defensive end: cut recently by Hamilton of CFL.

Byran White, fullback: cut by Denver after week of camp.

Danny Whyte, tight end: on Detroit's injured reserve list after undergoing shoulder operation.

Al Young, wide receiver: unknown.

Matthew Williams, fullback: cut by New England, now with Toronto of CFL.

Jeff Woodcock, safety: substitute teaching in Nashville, Tenn. ("I'm sorta in-between figuring out what I want to do," he says, "but I still feel like football's in my blood and the chances are I'll come back next year.")


Bob Gibson, head coach: offensive coordinator with Detroit.

Tom Beer, ends-receivers: teaching, taking real-estate course and doing free-lance writing in Toms River, N.J.

Joe Clark, offensive line, head coach at Gonzalez (La.) H.S.

Herb Paterra, linebackers: head coach at North Mecklenburg H.S.

Jim Vechiarella, defensive line: assistant Southern Illinois.


Upton Bell, president-general manager: looking for job in sports.

Jon Anderson, business manager: with Arnold Palmer Cadillac and Charlotte Checkers.

Ric Courson, trainer: unknown:

Bob Dickerson, assistant director of public relations: sports information director at Tennessee Tech.

John Everson, director of public relations: assistant public relations director for New York Jets.

Bob Lambert, equipment manager: left Charlotte Checkers as trainer-equipment manager for same job at Villanova.

Tom Wilkinson, assistant trainer: at Madison College in Virginia.