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We would like to thank the following contributors to the Charlotte Hornets Football Network Web site:

Mark Speck

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Todd Franklin

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Most of all I want to thank Jayme Arellano for his technical support and his assistance on our page designs. This Web site would not be possible without your dedication and your commitment to detail.

Stars/Hornets Contributors

We would like to thank everyone that was associated with the New York Stars and Charlotte Hornets WFL football organizations. We would like to especially thank the following alumni listed below:

Jere Brown

Janey Felz

Tom Sherman

Coach Babe Parilli

Coach Bob Gibson

Terry Hoeppner

Moses Lajterman

Tom Wilkinson

Robby Reynolds

Steve Setzler

Upton Bell

Jon Anderson

Coach Lamar Leachman

Kreg "Kap" Kapitan

Darrel Bunge

Bob Hermanni

Dana "Eggman" Carpenter

Tom "Chanimal" Chandler

Art Reynolds

James "JT" Thompson

Greg "Loukie" Lens

John Elliott

Gerry Philbin

Al Young

Cliff Greenfield

Kent Pederson

Gary Danielson

Larry Butler

Harold Johnson

Matt Snorton

September 6, 1975, I recorded the Philadelphia Bell at Charlotte Hornets WFL football game from the WBT-1110 AM broadcast on my cassette tape player. I named this Web site after the liner Harold Johnson said prior to every commercial break... This is the Charlotte Hornets Football Network.

When I started this Web site I used that crackling recording from my original cassette tape for a voiceover as part of the introduction on our "Home" page.

Recently, I contacted "The Big Guy", Harold Johnson, and asked him to record a fresh version of that voiceover. Harold was more then happy to comply.

A "Special Thanks" to Harold Johnson and Charlotte's WSIC-AM Program Director, Brian Weiss for the new updated liner for our Web site. Thank you both... Harold, you're the best!

WFL Collector

Richie Franklin
Richie Franklin, World Football League Collector.

We are always looking to buy memorabilia from the World Football League and the Charlotte Hornets. Please contact us if you're interested in selling your WFL collection.

We are looking for WFL coaches' game films; WFL games recorded on audio tape, WFL game photos, WFL game used equipment. Anything related to the 1974-75 New York Stars and Charlotte Hornets World Football League teams.

Contact Richie Franklin