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Below are Charlotte Hornets film clips from 1974 and 1975. The video files were transferred from 16mm coaches' film. Unfortunately, they are not TV quality. The file sizes are large, and may take a while to download. Please be patient. Microsoft Media Player is recommended for viewing.

Charlotte Hornets vs Memphis Southmen
November 13, 1974 at Memphis Memorial Stadium
01 Don Highsmith scores on a 4 yard run 00:07
02 Don Highsmith scores on a 3 yard run 00:07
03 Tom Sherman throws TD pass to Kreg Kapitan 00:05
Charlotte Hornets vs The Hawaiians
July 12, 1975 at Honolulu Stadium
01 Lewis Jolley scores on a 1 yard run 00:08
Charlotte Hornets vs Chicago Winds
July 19, 1975 at Groves Stadium, Winston-Salem, NC
01 Don Highsmith scores on a 6 yard run 00:12
02 Brian Dowling throws game winning TD pass to Randy Cobb 00:25
Charlotte Hornets vs Philadelphia Bell
September 6, 1975 at American Legion Memorial Stadium
01 Don Highsmith scores on a 27 yard run 00:30
02 Pete Rajecki kicks 37 yard field goal 00:19
03 Jere Brown intercepts pass to preserve Hornets shutout 00:18
Charlotte Hornets vs Birmingham Vulcans
September 21, 1975 at Legion Field
01 Hornets defense gang tackles Matthew Reed 00:28
02 Sonny Hicks breaks up long pass 00:17
03 Larry Shears chases Art Cantrelle out of bounds 00:24
04 Marty Huff stops Vulcans RB at line of scrimmage 00:09
05 Tom Chandler and Jere Brown stop Vulcans Joe Profit 00:15
06 Jeff Woodcock Breaks up TD pass 00:22
07 Hornets defense stops Vulcans Art Cantrelle 00:17

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