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Hornets Photo Day - 1975

The photos below are from the private collection of Jere Brown. Most of the photos are from Hornets Photo Day 1975. The photos at the bottom of the page were taken a few hours after the league folded at a Hornets Farewell Party. I would like to thank Jere for allowing me to post his photos on the Hornets site.

Jere Brown in Hawaii.

Opening day at training
camp at Gus Purcell's Day
Camp 1975.

61 - Dana Carpenter and
69 - Greg Lens.

19 - Tom Sherman.

8 - Randy Rhino,
15 - Robby Reynolds,
44 - Lewis Jolley,
and 28 - Terry Hoeppner.

Barb and Tom Chandler
with son Cory.

The WFL's best
51 - Jere Brown,
54 - Marty Huff,
and 50 - Tom Chandler.

Charlotte players arriving
at State Fair Stadium
in Shreveport.
Hornets Farewell Party - 1975

Larry Butler and Greg Lens.

Terry Hoeppner.

Darrel and Marsha Bunge.

Tom Chandler.

Tom Chandler, Jere Brown,
and Darrel Bunge.

The Jere Brown family
with PGA golfer Jim
Furyk (Tyler, wife
Kim, Jim Furyk, Jere,
and Matt).

Thank You Jere!