Hornets Helmet
Hornets Reunion - 2002
WFL Logo
Player's Recption - July 19, 2002

Clayton Room

Hornets Memorabilia

Darrel Bunge, Art
Reynolds, Jere Brown
looking at photos
from Hawaii

Dana Carpenter with
'75 WFL ball

Art and Darrel

Tom Sherman arriving
at reception

Kap showing Tom old
game photos

Dana, Robby Reynolds,
and Jere

Tom, Art, Kap and Darrel

Larry Butler arrives

Kreg "Kap" Kapitan

Kathy and Kreg Kapitan,
Tom Chandler, and Larry

Kap, Larry, & Kim Brown

Old roommates Art
Reynolds and Jere Brown

Kap and Art tossing WFL ball

Kap Tossing Back

The Linebackers! Art, Tom,
and Jere

Best LB's In WFL

Tom, Robby & Darrel

Darrel Dancing with Barb

Greg Lens arriving at hotel

Dinner at Ciro's

Darrel at Ciro's

Jere at Ciro's