Hornets Helmet
Hornets Reunion - 2002
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Stars/Hornets Reunion - July 20, 2002

Hornet reunion co-chairs
Kreg Kapitan and
Darrel Bunge

Coach Lamar Leachman

Coach Parilli and Greg Lens

Greg, Art, Jere, and Dana

Tom Chandler and Paula

Hornets game film in

Gerry and Gloria Gluck

Chanimal and Kap

Darrel, Coach Parilli, and Kap

Jeff "Woody" Woodcock was
in everyone's thoughts

Coach Parilli and Kap
enjoying Janey Felz's

Kap, Tom, and John Elliot

Art and Tom watching
game film

Tom getting advice from
Coach Leachman

Darrel doing interview
for NBC 6 sports extra

Kap with NBC 6

Babe and Lamar

Babe and Robby

Greg and Kap

Art Reynolds

John and friends

Robby and Tom

Darrel and Coach

Tom Sherman

Barb and Tom Chandler

Herb and Gerry Gluck

Hornets cheerleader
Janey Felz with
Hornets webmaster
Richie Franklin

Marsha and Darrel Bunge

Loukie and Eggman

Marsha, Tom, Barb,
and Darrel

Coach Leachman and Tom

Tom and Ruth Sherman

Everyone at the bar
after dinner

Herb Gluck telling Tom
 another story

Darrel and Kap singing
Minnesota fight song!

Greg Lens saying goodnight

The hotel bar

Dana, Art, and Jere

Herb still telling stories

5am Sunday morning,
time for one last party!

Linebackers bonding,
Art, Dana, and Tom

Until 2005! Art, Tom, Dana,
and Darrel