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1975 Charlotte Hornets Team Directory


Charlotte Hornets

3625 NCNB Plaza
Charlotte, North Carolina 28280

Governor Upton Bell
Alternate Governor Richard Thigpen Jr.
Business Manager Jon Anderson
Accountant Richard Grigg
Director of Public Relations John Evenson
Assistant Director of Public Relations Bob Dickinson
Director of Sales Guy Charles
Team Physicians Basil Boyd, M.D.
David Johnston, M.D.
Head Coach Bob Gibson
Director of Player Personnel/Receivers Coach Tom Beer
Assistant Coaches Joe Clark, Offensive Line
Jim Vechiarella, Defensive Line
Herb Paterra, Linebackers
Lindy Infante, Defensive Backs
Trainer Ric Courson
Assistant Trainer Tom Wilkinson
Equipment Manager Bob Lambert
Stadium American Legion Stadium (25,433)
Game Times Saturdays, 8 P.M.
Sundays, 2:30 P.M.
Colors Green Bay Gold and Black

Charlotte Hornets

Hornets Associates is a limited partnership made up of shareholders with Upton Bell the President and General Partner. Under the structure of the World Football League and the Hemmeter Plan, Upton Bell is also recognized as the team’s Governor and President.

Upton Bell
Upton Bell

Richard Thigpen Jr.
Richard Thigpen Jr.
Alternative Governor

Charlotte Hornets Administration

Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson
Business Manager

John Evenson
John Evenson
Director of Public Relations

Richard Grigg
Richard Grigg

Bob Dickinson
bob Dickinson
Assistant Director of Public Relations

Charlotte Hornets Staff

Stew Barber
tom beer
Director of Player Personnel

Ric Courson
Ric Courson

Bob Lambert
Bob Lambert
Equipment Manager

Tom Wilkinson
Tom Wilkinson
Assistant Trainer

Hornets Business Manager, Jon Anderson and Guy Charles, Director of Sales.

Tom Beer and Joan Fulp.

Elaine Griffith, Evelyn Woller, and Debbie Marshall.