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1974 New York Stars College Draft

The World Football League held their inaugural College Draft on January 22, 1974. It was held at the Marriot - Essex House in New York City. The WFL held the first six rounds on this date and the final thirty rounds on February 5, 1974. The Boston Bulls held the second overall pick in the draft and selected quarterback, Gary Marangi, from Boston College. On Feb. 18, 1974, WFL Commissioner Gary L. Davidson announces that a merger between the Boston Bulls and the unnamed New York entry have merged. Howard Baldwin, owner of the Bulls and Robert Schmertz, owner of the original New York franchise, have moved the Boston franchise (and their draft picks) to New York. On March 4th, the team was renamed New York Stars. Meanwhile, the original New York college draft list went to Boston, and then eventually ended up in Portland, Oregon where that franchise on March 20th became the Portland Storm.

Gary Davidson
Commissioner Gary L. Davidson opens up the 1974 World Football League College Draft.

New York Stars 1974 New York Stars College Draft
Round Pick Player Position College
1 2 Gary Marangi QB Boston College
2 23 Carl Barzilauskas DT Indiana
3 26 Randy Gradishar LB Ohio State
4 47 Dave Gallagher DE Michigan
5 50 Keith Fahnhorst TE Minnesota
6 71 Steve Corbett C Boston College
7 74 Jimmy Allen DB UCLA
8 95 Steve Neil LB Minnesota
9 98 Matt Herkenhoff OT Minnesota
10 119 Tom Forrest OG Cincinnati
11 122 Darryl Bishop DB Kentucky
12 143 Alvin Maxson RB Southern Mississippi
13 146 Monroe Eley RB Arizona State
14 167 Ransom Terrell LB Arizona
15 170 Doug Troszak DE Michigan
16 191 Mark Gefert LB Purdue
17 194 Tom Condon OG Boston College
18 215 Reggie Harrison RB Cincinnati
19 218 Phil Bennett RB Boston College
20 239 Leroy Jones DE Norfolk State
21 242 Rudy McClinon DB Xavier
22 263 Willie Viney OG Pacific
23 266 Chris Arnold DB Virginia State
24 287 John Robb OG Pittsburgh
25 290 Gary Champagne LB LSU
26 311 Greg Pemberton DB Boston University
27 314 Preston Anderson DB Rice
28 335 Jeff Rouzie LB Alabama
29 338 Scott Marquis OT Tulsa
30 359 Dale Cangelosi DB LSU
31 362 Jim Hovey LB Kentucky
32 383 Darryl McGallian LB Houston
33 386 Dave McMaken S Alabama
34 407 Riley Moore DE Tennessee State
35 410 Steve Frager OT Brown University
36 431 Damond Mays RB Michigan

Gary Marangi
Gary Marangi, Quarterback (Center) is congratulated by Boston College teammates Chuck Lee (Left) and Greg Brand (Right) after being the first draft pick of the Boston Bulls, and the second overall selection in the 1974 WFL College Draft.

Bob Schmertz
Bob Schmertz, CEO of the original New York franchise points out their number one draft selection. The team chose Stanford University Quarterback, Mike Boryla, with the sixth overall selection. The New York draft picks were later transferred to Portland.

NOTE: This page was researched by Richie Franklin and Chuck Gardner. The Gary Marangi photo is courtesy of the John Landers WFL Photo Collection.