Boston Globe

January 15, 1974

By Associated Press

WFL team for Boston?

Boston is one of "several cities" in the running for a proposed World Football League franchise, the Associated Press reported yesterday.

The other "known" cities are Detroit and Portland, Oregon.

A league spokesman said yesterday at the opening of a two-day WFL meeting in Los Angeles that "one franchise is still to be filled and several cities are in the running.

The WFL, conceived last August by Gary L. Davidson, Orange County Attorney who helped develop the American Basketball League and World Hockey Association, also listed 11 franchises that will participate in next Tuesday's draft at New York.

In order, they are Memphis, New England, Florida, Toronto, Birmingham, Ala., New York, Southern California, Philadelphia, Hawaii, Chicago and Washington D.C.

Details of the draft, such as the number of rounds and whether current professional players would be involved are not final, the spokesman said.

The WFL also seeks a franchise in Mexico City but the spokesman said it appeared such a move would be at least a year away.

It was announced at the meeting that Tom Fears, a member of the pro football Hall of Fame, was named head coach yesterday of the Southern California franchise of the new World Football League.

Fred ("Curly") Morrison, the team's general manager made the announcement at the opening of the WFL meeting.