The Day - New London, Connecticut

February 6, 1974

By Associated Press

Bulls Complete Secondary Draft

BOSTON (AP) The Boston Bulls were ready to take the strings off the bankroll and try to sign players today after filling out a 36-man roster in the secondary phase of the World Football League College Draft.

The Bulls went hunting mainly for defensive backs, linebackers and offensive lineman in picking 30 players Tuesday. The new team drafted in the original draft, with Boston College quarterback Gary Marangi, the number one selection.

In the secondary phase, the Bulls drafted eight defensive backs, seven linebackers, seven offensive lineman, five running backs, and three defensive ends.

Boston selected only four New England college players. They were blocking guard Tom Condon of Boston College in the 17th round, running back Phil Bennett of BC in the 19th, defensive back Greg Pemberton of Boston University in the 26th and offensive tackle Steve Frager of Brown University in the 35th.

Other defensive backs picked were Jim Allen of UCLA, Daryl Bishop of Kentucky, Rudy McClinon of Xavier, Chris Arnold of Virginia State, Preston Anderson of Rice, Dale Cangelosi of LSU, and Dave McMaken of Alabama.

Linebackers drafted by Boston were Steve Neil of Minnesota, Ransom Terrell of Arizona, Mark Gefert of Purdue, Gary Champagne of LSU, Jeff Rouzie of Alabama, Jim Hovey of Kentucky and Daryl McGallian of Houston.

Offensive lineman chosen with Condon and Frager were Matt Herkenhoff of Minnesota, Tom Forrest of Cincinnati, Willie Viney of Pacific, John Robb of Pitt, and Scott Marquis of Tulsa.

Running backs chosen were Al Maxson of Southern Methodist, Monroe Eley of Arizona State, Reggie Harrison of Cincinnati, and Damon Mays of Michigan State.

Other New England college players taken were: BC defensive back Ned Guillett, Toronto; offensive guard, Tom Sullivan and tight end Bob Rush of BC and Mark Sheridan of Holy Cross, Washington; wide receiver, Freddie Scott of Amherst and defensive back Earl Garrett of BC, Detroit; running back Steve Buchanan of Holy Cross, Jacksonville.