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Week 1 - July 11, 1974

New York
Game Program
Game Program
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Game Ticket
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Game Photo
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Gator Bowl

Jacksonville, Florida

Game Facts

First nationally televised WFL game.

Game Time: 9:00 PM (EST)

Attendance: 59,112

Coaching Staffs

New York Stars

Head Coach

Head Coach

Babe Parilli

Assistant Coaches

  • Steve Barber
  • Tom Beer
  • George Boutselis
  • Lamar Leachman
  • Tom Moore

Jacksonville Sharks

Head Coach

Head Coach

Bud Asher

Assistant Coaches

  • Bugsy Engelberg
  • Russ Faulkinberry
  • Ray Green
  • Jim Niblack
  • Johnny Robinson
  • Charlie Tate
  • Howard Tippett

WFL Press Release(s)

New York Stars
New York Stars
New York Stars
Jacksonville Sharks

Media Information


WOR-TV 9 and WSNL-TV 67

Television Announcers:

Sal Marchiano (Play by Play), Matt Snell (Color), George Plimpton (Color)



Radio Announcers:

John Sterling (Play by Play)


The New York Times, New York Post, New York Newsday, and New York Daily News

NOTE: The New York Stars-Jacksonville Sharks game was a nationally televised game on the TVS Sports Network. It aired on WOR-TV 9 as they were one of the TVS Network affiliates. The announcers for the WFL on TVS Game of the Week were Merle Harmon (Play by Play), Alex Hawkins (Color) and guest commentator, George Plimpton (Color).

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