Philadelphia Inquirer

July 26, 1974

By Dave Sims

Rowdies Clash Between Halves At Bell's Game

Philadelphia's image as the city of brotherly brawlers was enhanced before a national television audience Thursday night when two waves of thoughtless young fans raced onto the playing field at John F. Kennedy Stadium.

All of this happened during the halftime presentation by the Police Athletic League drum and bugle corp.

The spirits of the boisterous fans was aided by selling of beer and soda in cans, without much question as to the buyers age. The legal drinking age in the state is 21.

"What can I say?" said Vice-President, Gene Kolber, "It was uncalled for. We had doubled the security force to prevent a repeat of the outbreak of the first game. The kids just over ran them.

"The club would rather see the beverage dispensed in cups," Kolber said. "But they don't have the facilities here. That's why we preferred the Vet.

"It just suddenly developed," Kolber stated, "it was an explosive situation."