New York Post

August 1, 1974

By Jim O'Brien

The Sharkbitten Sharks

Both of the Jacksonville quarterbacks appeared to have been thrown to the Sharks instead of the Stars.

Starter Kay Stephenson was stiff-legged as he left the visitors' clubhouse, and reserve Kim Hammond had absolutely no idea where he was, or who was helping him, as he staggered out the door and through the concrete hallway at Downing Stadium on Randalls Island.

The Stars had succeeded in sidelining both of them, forcing the Sharks to go with just - activated running back named Jeff Davis behind center nearly the entire fourth period, and managed to pull out a 24-16 victory as well.

Stephenson got hurt on the last play of the third period, as two ex-Jets, Gerry Philbin and John Elliott, caught him in a high-low squeeze after he was forced out of the pocket. Stephenson limped off the field.

Hammond replaced him at the start of the fourth period and was sacked by linebacker James Sims for a seven-yard loss on his first call.

Hammond retreated to pass once again on his second call, but found Philbin in his face almost immediately.

He broke Philbin's grasp around his legs, but stumbled over guard Ed Foster who was trying to block for him, and fell down. Jerry Ellison, a defensive tackle for the Stars, caught Hammond's helmet with his knee as he downed him. Ellison lay on the field for a while, holding his knee.

Sharks' offensive guard Richard Cheek accused Ellison of foul play. "It was an intentional cheap shot," said an angry Cheek in the clubhouse. "You don't beat up quarterbacks like that. If I get a shot at him (Ellison), I'll break his leg."

Hammond was still out of his head when he left Downing Stadium. It was reported that he suffered a mild concussion. Stephenson suffered torn ligaments in his left knee. The leg was taped from thigh to calf, and there was a six inch wide wrapping around his waist where he'd bruised his ribs.

He and the team trainer, Brady Greathouse, attempted to steady Hammond enough so that he could slip into his undershorts, but Hammond was unable to get his right leg into the proper opening. He asked Duane Carrell, a former teammate at Florida State, where he was and told him he couldn't remember where he lived.

Coach Bud Asher asked Stephenson, as he left the locker room, how he felt. "Sore, coach," said Stephenson.

"How's Kim? asked Asher, "He's out of it," replied Stephenson, "He's shaky."

So was Davis, the desperation choice to quarterback the club.

"It was my first game as a pro quarterback," he said afterward, "and I hope it's my last one."