Hornets Helmet Hornets Game Transcript World Football League

  • Charlotte possessions will be recorded in CAPITAL LETTERS: FIRST DOWN.
  • Memphis possessions will be recorded in lower case letters: first down.
  • Penalties will be for (+) or against (-) team in possession.
  • Asterisk (*) indicates third down or non-punting fourth down situation.
  • Yard Line Down/Dist. Time Notes Charlotte vs. Memphis

    Canale kicks off to Ike Thomas on 20. Returns up middle 15 yards (R. Miller, Bonham)
    C35 1-10 14:53 (Dowling is QB) Highsmith wide left for 4 yards (Harris)
    C39 2-6 - PENALTY on long gain Dowling drops back and passes over middle to Whyte for 20 yards, but play and first down nullified by costly penalty: 10 yards, holding.

    Reception by Danny Whyte is called back.

    C29 2-16 14:36 Highsmith draw up the middle for 5 yards (R. Miller)
    C34 3-11* Dowling drop back, has to run wide right under pressure and gains 5 yards (D. Thomas)
    C39 4-6 13:53 PUNT and long return with - penalty R. Reynolds punts to D. Thomas on Memphis 22. Returns along right sideline 39 yard, but gain is wiped out by clipping penalty. Credit Thomas with 4 yard return. 13 yard penalty. 36 yard punt.
    M13 1-10 13:36 (Huarte is QB) Csonka at left guard for 5 yards (Greenfield)
    M18 2-5 firstdown Csonka at right tackle for 10 yards and firstdown (Douglas)
    M28 1-10 Huarte passes to Kiick on right sideline for 8 yards (J. Brown)

    Jim Kiick picks up 8 yards gain.

    M36 2-2 Csonka at middle for 2 yards and firstdown (Lens)
    M38 1-10 firstdown on long gain Huarte drops back and passes over middle to Shirk for 23 yards and firstdown (Woodcock)
    C39 1-10 -penalty on long gain Csonka powerful run at left side for 19 yards, but gain nullified and Memphis penalized 10 yards for holding (I. Thomas, I. Brown)

    Jere Brown and Ike Thomas bring down Larry Csonka

    C49 2-20 Huarte drops back and passes to Csonka on left side for 4 yards (T. Chandler)
    C45 2-16 +penalty and first down Csonka powerful run through right side for 8 yards, followed by 10 yard penalty for face-mask penalty. First down on penalty. (J. Brown)
    C32 1-10 Huarte passes for Marshall over middle incomplete. Broken up by (Shears)
    C32 2-10 9:20 -penalty Memphis penalized 5 yards, illegal procedure (Line jumps on left side).
    C37 2-15 Huarte pass over middle for Marshall incomplete, broken up by (T. Chandler).
    C37 3-15* 9:14 +penalty for first down Huarte drops back and passes for Marshall on right sideline. Incomplete on overthrow, but Charlotte penalized 5 yards for roughing the passer. Automatic firstdown.
    C32 1-10 Kiick at right tackle for no gain (Lens)
    C32 2-10 Csonka at right side for 4 yards (Lens)
    C28 3-6* Kiick draw at middle for 1 yard (Greenfield)
    C27 4-3 fieldgoal fails Canale attempts field goal from 34 (44 yard attempt with Mallory holding) is no good. short.
    C27 1-10 7:07 (Dowling is QB). Highsmith through right side for 8 yards. (Leheup, R. Miller)
    C35 2-2 FIRSTDOWN Highsmith through middle for 4 yards and FIRSTDOWN (Marion)
    C39 1-10 Highsmith wide right for 6 yards (Lally)
    C45 2-4 FIRSTDOWN Highsmith draw at middle for 6 yards and FIRSTDOWN (Leheup)
    C49 1-10 -PENALTY Charlotte PENALIZED 5 yards, illegal procedure when left tackle Bunge jumps offside.
    C46 1-15 Jolley through right side for 11 yards (Harris)
    C43 2-4 Dowling passes to Young on right sideline for 3 yards. Measured short of FIRSTDOWN.
    M40 3-1* Highsmith at left side. Stopped short of FIRSTDOWN (no gain) (Pryor, Marion)
    M40 4-1 PUNT R. Reynolds punts to Wallace on Mephis 5. Returns toward right side 4 yards. 35 yard punt (S. Hicks)
    M09 1-10 3:15 (Huarte is QB) Csonka at right side for 4 yards (Turner)
    M13 2-6 firstdown Spencer spins through left tackle for 6 yards and firstdown (Huff)
    M19 1-10 Spencer at right tackle for 1 yard (Douglas)
    M20 2-9 Spencer starts wide right, but loses 3 yards (Chandler)
    M17 3-12* Csonka draw at middle for 8 yards (Greenfield, Chandler)

    Cliff Greenfield, Tom Chandler and Jeff Woodcock tackle Larry Csonka.

    M25 4-4 punt White punts, high and long, to R. Cobb on Charlotte 32. Fumbles, but immediately recovers for 2 yard return. 43 yard punt (Bonham)