Hornets Helmet Hornets Game Transcript World Football League

  • Charlotte possessions will be recorded in CAPITAL LETTERS: FIRST DOWN.
  • Memphis possessions will be recorded in lower case letters: first down.
  • Penalties will be for (+) or against (-) team in possession.
  • Asterisk (*) indicates third down or non-punting fourth down situation.
  • Yard Line Down/Dist. Time Notes Charlotte vs. Memphis

    C34 1-10 15:00 (Dowling is QB) Jolley at left side for 4 yards (Leheup, Lally).
    C38 2-6 Highsmith at middle for 5 yards (Stevenson)
    C43 3-1* FIRSTDOWN Hightsmith at right tackle for 1 yard and FIRSTDOWN (S. Miller).
    C44 1-10 Dowling drops back and passes to Highsmith on right sideline for 4 yards. (D. Thomas)
    C48 2-6 13:02 -PENALTY Highsmith wide left for 1 yard, but play nullified and Charlotte penalized 10 yards holding (Lolly)
    C38 2-16 15:53 Highsmith at left side for 3 yards (Leheup)
    C41 3-13* FIRSTDOWN on long play pass Dowling drops back and passes to Young over the middle for 19 yards and FIRSTDOWN (D. Thomas).
    M40 1-10 Jolley at left side for 4 yards (Leheup)
    M36 2-6 FIRSTDOWN on screen pass Dowling drops back and throws screen pass to Highsmith on right side for 10 yards and FIRSTDOWN (Lally).
    M26 1-10 Highsmith at middle for 4 yards (Cotton).
    M22 2-6 Hightsmith starts left, is tripped up for loss of 5 yards (Stevenson).
    M27 3-11* 9:04 +PENALTY for FIRSTDOWN Dowling, under heavy rush, gets off wobbly pass toward Jolley, badly under thrown and incomplete, play nullified, and Memphis penalized 5 yards, roughing passer, automatic first down.

    Brian Dowling under heavy rush.

    M22 1-10 Highsmith at left tackle for 4 yards (R. Miller, S. Miller).
    M18 2-6 INTERCEPTION to stop drive Dowling's attempted pass is blocked into air by Beckman, and INTERCEPTED by Leheup who returns 1 yard.
    M24 1-10 8:17 qb change, and first down (White is new QB) White misses handoff, turns wide right, and gains 11 yards for firstdown (Shears).
    M35 1-10 8:10 Csonka at left tackle for 3 yards (I. Thomas).
    M38 2-7 firstdown White passes to Marshall on right sideline for 8 yards, and firstdown (I. Thomas).
    M46 1-10 7:00 White drops back, and passes long bomb for Marshall on right sideline. Incomplete. Broken up by (Shears).
    M46 2-10 6:40 Kiick pitchout wide left for 6 yards (I. Thomas).

    On a pitchout from Danny White, Jim Kiick gains 6 yards.

    C48 3-4* White fumbles snap, but recovers for no gain.
    C48 4-4 punt White punts into end zone for touchback. 48-yard punt.
    C20 1-10 5:30 (Dowling is QB) Highsmith up middle for no gain (Jordan).
    C20 2-10 Dowling passes for Young over middle. Incomplete. Through hands.
    C20 3-10* 4:53 SACK Dowling drops back, escapes sack, and runs into right for loss of 4 yards (D. Thomas).
    C16 4-14 PUNT & - penalty R. Reynolds punts to Wallace on Memphis 40. Wants to return right, but Memphis penalized 15 yards, clipping (Turner). 44 yard punt.
    M25 1-10 4:33 (White is QB) Spencer through middle for 5 yards (Greenfield).
    M30 2-5 fumble lost Csonka at right tackle, fumbles and Douglas recovers for Charlotte (Huff mad hit). 2-yard gain for Csonka.
    M32 1-10 3:47 FIRSTDOWN on long pass play (Dowling is QB) Dowling passes over middle to Young for 20 yards, and FIRSTDOWN (D. Thomas).
    M12 1-10 Highsmith off right side for 4 yards (Beckman).
    M8 2-6 Highsmith picks way through middle for 4 yards (Leheup, Beckman).
    M4 3-2* KEYLOSS Black starts left, and is caught for loss of 4 yards by (Pryor).
    M8 4-6* FIELD GOAL Rajecki FIELD GOAL attempt from 15 (24 yard attempt with Sherman holding) is good.
    Charlotte drives from Memphis 32 to 8 (penetrates to 4) For field goal and takes 3-0 lead. Key play is 20-yard to pass on first down of series.
    C30 1:26 KICKOFF +fumble lost Rajecki kicks off to D. Thomas on 9. Returns 22 yards. Fumbles when hit by Culpepper. Embrey picks up ball and returns 22 yards (Beamer saves TD).
    M4 1-G 1:06 (Dowling is QB) Highsmith goes wide right, is turned back by Beckman and loses 4 yards (Marion.)
    M8 2-G Dowling rushed hard by Harris, gets off wobbly pass incomplete and short for Whyte.
    M8 3-G* 0:25 TOUCHDOWN Dowling passes to Kapitan on left edge on end zone (beating Powell) for TOUCHDOWN.
    M2 1/2 0:25 ACTION POINT succeeds Dowling passes to Kapitan for ACTION POINT (again beats Powel in end zone).

    WR Kreg Kapitan scored a touchdown, and action point as Hornets take a 11-0 lead.

    Charlotte goes 4 yards in three plays following fumble recovery and return on kickoff. Improves lead to 11-0.
    C30 0:20 KICKOFF Rajecki kicks off to Hobbs on 24. Returns 13 yards (J. Brown).
    M37 1-10 (White is QB) White passes to Kiick on left sideline for 5 yards.